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About Us

Who we are

See Land Import Export was founded in 1995 in Frankfurt am Main by the registered grocer Jainal Haque formerly as a pure family business. Since then, it is a high-quality and low-priced supplier of food from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, products from Africa and South America can also be found in our range of goods.

Both in retail- and wholesale trade, we are constantly successful, so that we were able to expand in the center of Frankfurt in 2014.
This enabled us to increase our range of products including exotic spices, fruits, vegetables, Indian instant meals, and fish from Southeast Asia.

We focus on contemporary, modern business structures, which is why we have created this website as an investment for virtual access in 2021. Despite the current corona pandemic, our customer are able to make an order on this website and thus receive their requirements of our food delivered to their front door. A sophisticated and efficient concept for the online store ensures fast delivery across Germany without any loss of quality. Nevertheless, various processes are constantly being developed and optimized in order to achieve the highest possible satisfaction among our customers. With regard to feedback, we are gladly reachable for you via!

Where we are

Our business is located in Frankfurt am Main. You can find us at See Land Import Export e. K. Münchener Straße 8
60329 Frankfurt am Main where you naturally have on-site access to our products. In addition to our office, we also have several warehouses distributed throughout Frankfurt am Main. These simplify our logistical tasks,which pays off in faster and faultless deliveries for our customers.

Why Seeland?

– Seeland Import Export recourses 26 years of experience in dealing with retailers and wholesalers. Logistical complexities brought by the new online store are no challenge for our highly competent and experienced team.

– Our decades-long dominance in the retail market shows the high level of customer satisfaction we achieve through our good service.

– We offer our products at very moderate prices, especially compared to our competitors.

– Our products pass various quality controls.

– Our online payment options are secure and easy to use.

– In our range of goods we only offer products from big, trustworthy brands.

– When establishing our online store, we paid attention to ensuring an uncomplicated ordering process With our constant investments, such as the online store, we want our customers to save both money and time!

Our products

With our product catalog, we can assure you that all ingredients are provided to bring authentic Southeast Asian cuisine to Germany! It has already established itself in Europe and is steadily gaining popularity. Our aim is to make the food from faraway countries easily accessible for our customers, which is, fortunately, becoming easier with the technological possibilities of today. Our range of course includes the “basics” of spices, fruits/vegetables, and fish used for Indian and Bengali dishes. In addition, you will find a variety of other products from Southeast Asia and other continents such as Africa and South America, which in our estimation, are worth bringing to Germany as well! In the store, you will find the catalog clearly listed and we are sure that you will be able to
find the articles that you wish!

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